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CODE: PW 298
Description: Trivet
Product size (cm): 20.2x20.2x2
NW./pc (Kg): 0.2
Pcs/ctn: 24
Carton size (cm): 32x32x40

CODE: PW 299
Description: Napkin holder
Product size (cm): 18x18.8x6.5
NW./pc (Kg): 0.4
Pcs/ctn: 24
Carton size (cm): 41x41x41

CODE: PW 301
Description: Coaster set
Product size (cm): 12x12x9.5
NW./pc (Kg): 0.7
Pcs/ctn: 24
Carton size (cm): 38x50x20

CODE: PW 312
Description: Magazine rack - W
Product size (cm): 38x30x25
NW./pc (Kg): 1.1
Pcs/ctn: 5
Carton size (cm): 40x42x37

CODE: PW 313
Description: Magazine rack - N
Product size (cm): 24x30x25
NW./pc (Kg): 0.9
Pcs/ctn: 5
Carton size (cm): 32x27x40

CODE: PW 316
Description: Fruit basket
Product size (cm): 29x29x7.5
NW./pc (Kg): 0.8
Pcs/ctn: 12
Carton size (cm): 56x27.5x33.5

CODE: PW 317
Description: Serving tray
Product size (cm): 28.5x41x5
NW./pc (Kg): 1.0
Pcs/ctn: 12
Carton size (cm): 60x43x29

CODE: PW 323
Description: -
Product size (cm): 20x35.4x36.3
NW./pc (Kg): -
Pcs/ctn: 4
Carton size (cm): 84x37x38

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